Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bridal Luncheon

The day after the rehearsal dinner was the bridal luncheon.  My “Aunt” Sue hosted the special event, and it was exactly what I wanted.  Aunt Sue is my mom’s best friend, and has seen me grow up.  She has some stories about me that are pretty funny.  She told them at the luncheon.

We had the luncheon in the suite where we were staying from Thursday until Sunday morning.  Lizzie and Aunt Sue worked hard to set up the menu, and there was food everywhere.  All so delicious.  So delicious in fact that I have no photos of the food!  We were chowing down.

After food time, we had a photo shoot:

Alana, one of the bridesmaids, was pregnant with her second daughter during all the wedding activities.  I loved that she was pregnant during the wedding fun.  It shows that throughout our lives and all the things we have going on it is so important to have good relationships with your friends.  I actually just met baby Francis, and she is the sweetest baby ever.  

  I know I took other photos, but I cannot find them!!

Another wedding event down, and they were going SO fast!!  I knew the actual wedding day (the next day) was going to fly. 

Thank you, Aunt Sue, for hosting this fun, awesome event!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal at the church went well.  One of my coworkers at the New Orleans CVB was actually our wedding coordinator.  It was awesome! She was bossing the guys around, and I was loving it.  I told her to do and say whatever she wanted.  Since I have run MANY rehearsals, I wish brides had said that to me.. :)

After the church rehearsal it was time to eat!  Andrew and I selected The Roux House as the location for our rehearsal dinner.  It is such an awesome space.  Private, many screens (for all the speeches, I knew there would be powerpoints), nice, close to the church, and great food.  What else could we ask for?

Everyone ate, and was having a lovely time, then it was time for the speeches/toasts.. 

Andrew and I had made a powerpoint of some of the hilarious responses we received on the response cards.  We were trying to encourage wedding guests to respond if they were going to come to our wedding, which affected the head count for our caterer.  It was all a well thought out plan!!  In the meantime, some of the responses we got back were SO weird/funny/sweet/artistic that we wanted to share them with the group.  Andrew and I went through some of our favorite responses and warmed up the crowd for many presentations/toasts.

Oh, the toasts!  They were all so amazing and sweet.  Everything was happening so quickly, that I do not remember all the details.  Here is what I do remember:

Andrew’s Dad welcomed everyone, and officially welcomed me into the family.  I thought he was going to tell a story about how the first time I met them I spilled chili on my shirt, but he didn’t!  He didn’t want to embarrass me, if he only knew what images my Dad was going to show!

Kevin, Andrew’s brother, then toasted us.  It was very sweet, and he compared Andrew and him to super heros with sidekicks.  How Andrew was his sidekick.  It was awesome.

Next was Lizzie- she had a powerpoint!  She went through the story of us from her point of view.  It was hilarious and sweet at the same time.  The first gift she ever gave Andrew was a razor, and she gave him another on then.  I, of course, loved that! 

My Dad went next, and he had a powerpoint also.  There were many jokes about middle children.  It was funny and lots of embarrassing photos- which I loved.  I think there was one of my first shave!  Gotta love it.

Then I toasted Andrew.  My plan to toast Andrew was to wing it.  I had 3 points I wanted to make in my toast, and every time I practiced my toast it came out different.  So, I was just going to wing it and hope all went well.  Everything was going to plan UNTIL I forgot one of the points… I just made up another point, and hoped it wasn’t too obvious.  Little did I know that Andrew’s speech was going to be SO good, it didn’t matter what I said.

Some back story about Andrew’s toast:

Andrew spend HOURS on his toast.  I had no idea what was taking him so long.  He kept talking about how he had to memorize it and was starting to stress about it.  I suggested he make note cards, and he was like NO! That won’t work.  You will understand later.  So, I assured him I would love it, and left him alone.

The day of the rehearsal, he had told me he was more nervous about the toast than the wedding day.  I couldn’t quite understand because of my “plan”, but I just kept telling him it would be great. 

Andrew’s toast was SO very amazing!  I am SO happy we had our videographer come and film the toasts, especially Andrew’s.  He used movie titles to describe our relationship from the very beginning using over 100 movies.  It was epic.  It was hilarious.  It was so sweet.  I am so glad he took the time to create it.  Makes my toast to him look lame, but they can’t all be winners!

When we receive the wedding video (hopefully this week), everyone is welcome to come watch.

I do not have any photos of the toasts, but I do have these:

Bridesmaids (minus Alana and Ellen)

I like Duska’s pose! I may steal that one..is she looking sexy or washing her hair?!


Georgia Friends!!

I would like to really focus on this image for a second.  I clearly cropped out everyone else to show the love of Andrew and Abram. 

The evening was truly a blast!  Thank everyone who was able to come and celebrate!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Friday!

Today is FRIDAY!!!

As of this moment, Andrew and I have no plans for this weekend, and it is awesome!  We may swim, go see a movie, eat snowballs, who knows!

Next week on the blog we are going to post about all the wedding events, from the rehearsal to the reception.  So get ready!  It seemed wrong to start all the wedding events on a Friday, and make all of our fans (Hi Mom and Dad!) wait until Monday until the next wedding post!

Something to make you laugh, that Andrew and I can relate to daily… :)

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1651

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bad Weather in Nola, days before the wedding…

So, we had made the labels, packed and repacked everything for the wedding (the decor, the alcohol, the wedding dress and veil, clothes for all the wedding activities, accessories, snacks for the suite, wedding present for each other, and on and on) when we heard about the terrible weather we were about to receive.

To all my northern friends, you will laugh at this, but New Orleans is not prepared for this weather!  We do not have any machinery that can de-ice our roads.

The issue was ice on the roads.  Schools, roads, and even my work closed. 


One might think I would have been upset by the Snow Apocalypse, but the weather on our wedding day was in the 60s/70s.  I knew the roads would be opened and all would be back to normal by the weekend.


It was actually pretty nice, nothing was open so I was able to have another day off and get the very last minute details finished.  God works in mysterious ways!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Amber bringing the booze!

The day after Lexi’s wedding, we had a visitor!  Amber drove in from Mississippi to deliver very important wedding items…the alcohol and mixers!!!!!

Her poor car was weighed down so much, every seat was filled with something. 

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1496

Check out her backseat!

  Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1498

And her trunk…

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1499

After we unloaded it (into our already packed kitchen), we decided to break out the cotton candy machine Stephanie got us at my shower

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1501

There is a silly video of me freaking out with my “safety glasses” (they are onion goggles to prevent crying) when the cotton candy disappears.  It is silly as you can imagine!

It was so amazing of Amber to help us with the alcohol, you can all thank her for the top shelf liquor you drank! Also, thank you for bringing it to us!  You are the best!

Side note, AMBER GOT ENGAGED RECENTLY!  I am so excited for her a Nick!  Life is so great!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lexi & Logan’s Wedding!

A week later, it was time for L & L’s big day! Everything was amazing, from the prep to the reception.  Lexi is such a great and dear friend to me, I was/am so honored she asked me to be a bridesmaid.

Enjoy the photos!



Lexi and her family have the best taste. I love this table set up.  She let me borrow the table cloth for our wedding less than a month later!


The bridesmaids were so awesome.  Everyone was sweet and helped Lexi throughout the day.  Katie, the one on the bottom left next to Lexi recently got engaged!

Alex Harvie painted at their reception, and we chatted a bit with him.  He painted us in!

I did not have the honor in meeting this guy, and boy am I sad about it.  I think he is a cousin, but did I laugh when I was going through the wedding photos!!

Congratulations to Lexi and Logan on your marriage!  I love you both!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lexi’s Bridal Tea

The day after the bachelorette party for Lexi we had a bridal tea.


It was so lovely.  Lexi's family came and we had so much fun.  Because the wedding was less than a week away there was a lot of wedding talk!  All the woman ate that up, myself included!


The tea w as fabulous, and I really enjoyed all the sweet women there. 


Oh, and did I mention everyone in Lexi's family is so pretty?

lexi33 Another successful wedding event for Lexi!  I had a blast!