Friday, October 3, 2014

Lunch fun

One Friday, we met my parents at Taste of Bavaria in Springfield for lunch.  While we were waiting for my Dad to come outside, we took advantage of their signs…

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 410  Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 413

Then we started taking some selfies….

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 414 Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 415 It was a fun day!  Then we learned a few weeks later that the restaurant is closing and it is now a sushi restaurant.  We will have to try it out soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wall Decor!

One weekend I was determined to get the wall decor hung.  I got photos printed from the wedding, Lizzie and I assembled their positioning, all that was left was to actually hang them..

I asked Andrew to step back and tell me if photos were straight, then he saw my lack of plans and took over the project (thankfully!!).  I was going to start nailing into the wall and just eye it to see if it all was straight.  In comes Andrew with a tape measure, level and other gadgets to make sure it was perfect.

 Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1793 Here he is in action!  It looks great!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 422

If you look past us totally being crazy, you can see how it is hung!  It looks great, thank you Andrew! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Andrew’s Birthday with Friends!

I organized a casual come and go dinner for Andrew’s birthday at one of his favorite restaurants, Dat Dog.  We got there early, and grabbed a large table.  Friends started coming:

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1792

2014-05-02-18-48-57_IMG_2223 2014-05-02-18-49-08_IMG_2225

2014-05-02-18-49-21_IMG_22272014-05-02-18-57-15_IMG_2229 2014-05-02-19-00-45_IMG_2234 2014-05-02-19-24-51_IMG_2243

2014-05-02-19-24-26_IMG_2237 2014-05-02-19-24-49_IMG_2241

We really had a wonderful time!  Big Thanks to everyone who came out!

Thank you, Lizzie for bringing your awesome camera and taking these photos!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Andrew’s 29th Birthday!!!

We had a BLAST on Andrew’s birthday.  We both took the day off from work because birthday’s are a big deal, and we wanted to celebrate all day long!

About a month before his birthday I sent an email out to friends and family to send him birthday cards or postcards in the mail.  Here is the email:

Hello everyone!

Andrew's birthday is on Thursday, May 1st and would like you to be included on his birthday celebration!

Please send him a card/postcard with a drawing, quote, and/or love note- whatever you wish.  I am going to decorate our place with them on his birthday.  He will be 29 years old.

You will be sending it to Lizzie & Doug's house so he doesn't see them!

I would like to have them by April 30th which gives you over a month to send them in.

If there is someone I have missed that you think would like to do this, forward it on!
Let me know if you have any questions, Andrew is going to love this!

And the cards started flowing in!! It was so great to see everyone send him something.  I had the idea to post them, then I decided I would give him a new card every hour (THERE WERE THAT MANY!!)

So, I woke Andrew up with breakfast in bed and his first drawing of the day from his oldest friend, Shanna!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 377

After breakfast we relaxed, and I gave him his next gift from Abram.  Abram specifically asked me to wrap the gifts in mismatched paper, so I did!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1737 He got Back to the Future figures, they are fun and bizarre.  They currently sit close to Andrew’s desk.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1738 Next, he opened cards from Micah and Melissa!  They sent him like 5 hilarious cards, and he loved them all!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1743 Then it was time to go to Jon’s house.  Jon and Andrew share a birthday, and I try to get them together every year.  This was the first time it worked out.  I had invited Jon to lunch with us, but he said all he wanted to do for his birthday was nothing. Not go anywhere or do anything. So, I asked if we could stop by before lunch. 

I brought temporary tattoos so they can have matching birthday tats. 

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1748

After a lot of contemplation, the guys decided to put the tat on their arm to show their manly muscles.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1749Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1753

We respected Jon’s wishes and left him alone after that.  We walked across the street for lunch at Superior Seafood.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1766  Where he opened 2 cards, one from his sister, Kelsey and one from his parents.  Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1762

Lunch was delicious, and he got a little birthday treat!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1764Next stop was home for a nap! Before the nap started- he got a postcard from my Mom!  There is an old Disney Fastpass to Big Thunder Railroad- random!

  Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1773

After naps (now that I think of it- I may have been the only one who napped…), Andrew opened a few gifts from me.  I got him a new DVD player! No more hooking the computer to the TV to watch a movie!! woohoo!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1772 Hannah sent Andrew a calendar and a sweet card. 

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1769 Next stop: the movies.  On the way, Andrew opened a card from Gene!  We saw Draft Day, an Andrew pick.  It was actually pretty good.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1767 After the movie I had told him my plan for dinner in case he wanted to do something else, but he was excited with what I came up with.

The dinner plan:

Go to well-known restaurants order their signature meal item. Eat at the bar, and just move to the next location. Like a progressive dinner.

We started at Drago’s for the Charbroiled Oysters..

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1778

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1776

He opened a card from Lindsay!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1774    The oysters were delicious, and we walked to Palace Cafe for a slice of the Crabmeat Cheesecake.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1781Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1780

It was amazing!  Then he opened a card from Aunt Terri and Uncle Stew.  It was AWESOME.  They photoshopped Andrew’s face on a famous scene from The Godfather- one of Andrew’s all-time favorites!  It was great, we laughed about that one for awhile. :)

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1779  Next stop was Arnaud’s for Souffle Potatoes!         Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1785Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1784 Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1783 Where he got a postcard from my Dad!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1782  Next up was dessert- he said all he wanted was a Wendy’s frosty!  Ha!  So, we went to Wendy’s for his last birthday treat.Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1789

When we got home, Lizzie, Doug and Sarah had decorated our place with signs, balloons and streamers!  It was fun to walk into.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1786  

We were SO tired- it was such a fun day.  I know he loved all the mail and notes everyone sent.  The coolest part was some cards came in on his birthday or a few days after and he got to celebrate it all week.

I love this group of cards.  His Aunt and Uncle had printed out photos of Andrew holding his little cousin when he was young. :)

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1791

Andrew- hope you had a WONDERFUL 29th Birthday!  Love you very much!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

5K with Kadi

One day I received a text from our great friend, Kadi.  She asked us if we wanted to walk a 5K with her called the Run Forrest Run.  We were available and made it happen.

I picked up our shirts, we met up and rode together.  We got there, and were checking out the sites.  We ran across this shrimp mascot…

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1730

The race started at the Bubba Gump restaurant in the Quarter.  We walked the 5k, and were not the first nor the last- so a victory in our eyes!

It was a fun morning, then we napped!

Thanks, Kadi for the invite! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blog Break…

To all our adoring fans… I will be taking a break for about a week or so with the blog.  Spend the time you would normally take reading the blog to text a friend hello, doing a chore you have been putting off or watch a cat video on you tube.

Here are some photos of upcoming blogs! Get ready!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1765Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 458   Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1857 Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 588

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st- Birthdays!!


Today is Darelle & Janice’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Let me first talk about Darelle, as I have known her longer. Today Darelle is 30!!!!!  The big 3-0!  :)

I met Darelle my freshman year at LSU.  This is her in her dorm room.  We are going WAY back here…  Darelle has always been such a fun friend.

She has always listened and challenged me to be a better person by example. 


She made me this shirt and other things for my 30th birthday!  I love this shirt.  She was the first person to use my new initials when she got a bracelet made for me. :)

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Check out the different color shoes- loved it!

We have some great memories…

I know your 30s will be more exciting than your 20s!! Love you!

Another person celebrating a birthday today is JANICE!!!!!  She and my bro have been dating for over a year now, but somehow it seems like she has been in our family forever.

She is hilarious, and all of the “outsiders” (Andrew and Doug) have embraced her into their club.

She is a VERY talented artist.  Anything she tries looks great..even this “gag” painting of Alex looked great.


I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of fun and laughter! :)