Friday, August 22, 2014

Amite Playing

Happy Friday!  Back in February we went to “The Farm” and rode my dad’s tractor.  It was a chilly day, and we had fun playing.

amite3 amite4

This thing is massive, and we all drove it a bit.


This is Doug on top of the hay bails.  We eventually all jumped up there, but those things were high!

amite   It was a fun day!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vegas Trip

In February, I had a work trip to Las Vegas, and Andrew decided to join me!  The days before we left I started feeling sick, so I drank lots of water and tried to sleep it off.. well it didn’t work!  I got pretty sick.  Here I am in the hotel after we arrived..

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 170

I am so happy Andrew was there to make sure I got to work on time!

Considering we are not gamblers and big nightlife people, I wouldn’t say Vegas is my ideal location.  We walked the strip once or twice, and I was okay to check Vegas off my life list. 

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 174

While we were there I saw my friend, Anita! 

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 177

She  worked close to me on my work trip to Philly, and we spend a lot of time together there.  When I saw her we both got really excited.  She remembered I was getting married, so we caught up from the last time we saw each other in November.  One day when we came back to our room, she had ordered a surprise for us.  Very sweet! :)

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 171

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1604 Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1603 

It was great to see her.  We got dinner and lunch a few times.  She is coming to New Orleans in the fall, and I am excited!

She told us she only wins on the Sex and the City machine, so we decided I would put in $2 (big money, I know!) I didn’t win, FYI.

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 178

While we were there, we discussed going to see Britney Spears, but she was taking a week off! Dang!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1606Overall, it was a good trip.  I was able to check out a new city, and say I have been.  :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Valentine’s Day

So after our wedding and honeymoon, Valentine’s Day was days away.  Andrew and I had decided to not do anything big since the wedding JUST happened.  Next year it won’t be the same, as Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.

Lizzie had to be in Houma (which is where Gene lives) on February 15th, so we decided to all spend the holiday with him!  So we packed up,

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 136

and drove to Houma for a night full of romance.  We got to Gene’s house before him and decorated with hearts everywhere and Valentine’s Day decor.  He loved it when he arrived!

Then we ate dinner, and needed chocolate covered strawberries in our celebration!  We walked to Rouses, and purchased some goodies!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 141

Rouses was celebrating!  We HAD to check out in the Valentine’s Express Lane!  And of course I am reading a trashy magazine while they are checking out… ha

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 145 Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 147 We made them, and they were delicious!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 155Thank you, Gene, for letting us crash your Valentine’s Day!  We had a blast.  I think we have started a new tradition.  Every Valentine’s Day we are going to spend it with Gene. :)

When we got back to NOLA, Andrew gave me this!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 157

While I was working out and prepping for the wedding, I was trying not to eat unhealthily.  I secretly love Pop Tarts, and always said after the wedding I am going to buy some in the airport on the way to our honeymoon.  Well, for some reason I forgot, and Andrew made sure I had some.  What may look like a weird gift was actually very thoughtful.  He is the best!

Also, Andrew’s Mom made us little Valentine’s heart candy pouches!  So cute!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 159

My mom made cards that fit together!  Everyone knows how much I love Valentine’s Day! It was a great holiday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Andrew’s version- The Honeymoon


Wow, that sure was a fun wedding and reception, eh?

Luckily, we were smart enough to keep a free day between the wedding day and departing for our honeymoon. This day was spent: transporting all of the stuff from the hotel back to our house (other people did all of this), opening wedding gifts (we did this!), unpacking and repacking all of the leftover food (Lizzie did this), freaking out because we couldn’t find the top layer of the cake (all of us did this, though it turns out that Sarah had put it in the freezer hours before that), washing all of the dirty dishes (Lizzie did this) and generally decompressing from a week’s worth of events.

While you’ll notice that we really didn’t do anything, it was still somehow exhausting. This was also the day of the Super Bowl, which was kind of exciting. Until it was a terribly boring game. The one thing that we DID do (since we couldn’t put it off any longer) was pack for the honeymoon.

I had no idea what we would be doing, so I just threw everything in there. Swimsuit, casual clothes, dressy clothes…I brought it all. I was more concerned about having the tickets and all of the appropriate documents; basically I was nervous that we would forget our passports. Other than that, I didn’t care.

Whoever booked these flights (it was me) was a damn fool. Our first flight departed at something like 6am. That means we had to wake up at around 3:30-4. It was tough, but I am always able to get up when I have something to do. Ashley, on the other hand, is like a cat. If she doesn’t get about 17 hours of sleep, she isn’t going to be in a good place. She also has a tendency to get sick any time we travel. More on that later.

Sabrina, who was in town from Abu Dhabi for the wedding, stayed the night on our couch and volunteered to bring us to the airport at that ungodly morning hour. Even as I think about it right now, I’m still not sure what happened to Sabrina after that. I assume she stayed a few days lounging around our house, but I really have no idea.

At the airport, I dragged a groggy Ashley to and fro until we were through security and set to go. I went and sat her down at our gate and then went in search of breakfast. Ash said all she wanted was a banana. When I came back, Ashley was in and out of sleep. We decided it would be a good investment to buy one of those little U-shaped pillows (or C-shaped, depending how you are holding it) and a blanket for our journey. Ashley put them to quick use and she slept until we boarded the plane.

Then she slept some more.

Then we landed in Houston for our layover. I went and found a nice corner where Ashley could stretch out, and she quickly zonked out again.

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 023

I went in search of lunch and ate some Wendy’s. When I came back, a mom with 3 kids was sitting basically on top of Ashley and they were just spewing noise and crumbs EVERYWHERE. They eventually left and Ash got up and ate a few fries. Then, onward to our next flight!

Some more sleeping, and then we landed in Mexico! At that point, Ashley took the uneaten banana that I had bought for her in New Orleans and threw it away.

We ventured outside and actually pretty easily found our transfer to the hotel. It was about a 45 minute drive, and we were excited to see the tropical paradise that awaited us at the end of our journey.

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 028 

Ashley at this point had perked up considerably and returned to functioning human form.

We passed many beautiful resort areas along the way! Unfortunately, when we finally reached our destination, we realized that ours was not one of them. While everything looked great online, our “resort” wasn’t quite what we were expecting. To be fair, this was not a disgusting hotel. It was clean. It was close to the water. It was charming in it’s own way. If we were on a vacation where we would be out and about all day and only recharging our batteries at the room, this place would have been fine. But it just wasn’t honeymoon material.

After we both admitted to each other that we were disappointed, we took steps to improve our situation! Ashley reached out to Darelle via free lobby internet, and we used her knowledge to go in search of the aptly named “The Royal”!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 067

This place was amazing. We literally did not even take a tour of the grounds, the room, nothing. We just booked it on the spot. We were happy we did. The room was spectacular. Very spacious, jacuzzi in the room, balcony overlooking the water. It was much more along the lines of the “paradise” we were hoping for.

We immediately settled into the room and ordered several dishes apiece from room service. Ashley ate a big plate of spaghetti while sitting in the jacuzzi and watching The Bachelor. Now that’s livin’!

The rest of the week was just a continuous rotation of sleeping late, eating at one of the all-inclusive restaurants,

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 100

taking a nap, laying on the beach,

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 088


Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 079

eating again, watching the Winter Olympics, eating dessert and just relaxing and calling each other “husband” and “wife” alot.

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 096

It was something like 8 or 9 days, which…when you have all day to just lounge around, really feels like 3 weeks. We had a fantastic time, but I think we were ready to come home at the end of it and start our “real life” together.

I do have to say, though, that on the way back…I totally “pulled an Ashley”. In the Cancun airport, we were waiting on our flight and decided to go grab a bite, as it was lunchtime. I decided on a personal pan pizza, but then saw that after converting it to American dollars, it was EIGHTEEN DAMN DOLLARS. No way was I going to pay that. So I went back to Ashley to find that she had already bought an $18 plate of quesadillas.

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 129

I didn’t want any part of that and refused to buy myself some food. Well, by the time we made it to our layover, I was feeling terribly nauseas. Luckily, my wife was there to get me through.

And you know what? I’m STILL happy that I didn’t pay $18 for a damn personal pan pizza.

Overall, a great time!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Andrew’s version- Reception


After the ceremony, we went into quick picture mode. Sarah had a list of the shots we wanted, and would just bark them off and people would come in and exit as they were directed. It was nice to have someone calling the shots, because I think we have all been at weddings where the after-ceremony pictures looks like bumper cars: no one really sure where they should be and just shuffling about until someone tells them to stop.


IMG_apl0677 IMG_apl0682

I know everyone appreciated being dismissed as soon as they were done, and they were able to just walk across the street and start eating.

Ashley and I had a few more pictures to take after everyone else was done. A few in the church,

IMG_apl0690 IMG_apl0695

a few in the street (where we held up traffic for a minute),

IMG_apl0713 IMG_apl0712


and a few others in the hotel lobby.


Every pedestrian, passenger and hobo along the way had nothing but nice messages of congratulations as we passed them to get to the reception.

Next, we got ushered into this side room that was right next to our reception room. A team of people started operating on Ashley’s dress: lifting things, tying knots…who knows what they were doing? Finally, someone pointed us to a corner of the room where there was a nice little romantic table set up for us. I say romantic, but all I remember is that it had plates of food on it. I went to town. I was shoving as many bacon-wrapped shrimp that I could into my mouth. Ashley was changing her shoes or something. It was clear to me that she wasn’t as excited about the food as I was.

Some nice waitress/server/butler/something came and asked if we needed anything. I asked if she had a bottle opener for a beer that they had at the table for me. She said she would be right back. She came right back, opened my beer, and I took one sip of it. Then Ashley was like…okay, did you eat enough? We have to get in there! I desperately filled my hands with food, shoveled it into my mouth, and said…alright, let’s do this.

But then she wasn’t even really ready. She and her team went to the bathroom, and I was just standing in the lobby. People I didn’t know were introducing themselves to me and congratulating us. Then, Ashley returned and it was time to make our entrance. We went and stood by the door, and this big burly guy kept asking me how to say our last name.


He walked away, and I was like…who was that guy? And Ashley said: he’s the singer with the band. He is announcing us.


Well, true to her word, as we entered the room, he announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LeSaicherre (which was not yet legally accurate) to thunderous applause from hundreds (thousands?) of our dearest fans…er…friends and family.


At last, we had our first dance as a married couple…to the song “At Last” by Etta James. It’s a good thing that I was so happy and in love at that moment, because otherwise, being one of two people dancing with a couple hundred people focused on us doesn’t seem like something I’d enjoy. I wish I knew what we were saying to each other, but probably just sweet things combined with an overuse of the words “husband” and “wife”.

IMG_apl0771 IMG_apl0783

Next, Ashley danced with her dad and I danced with my mom to Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a Wonderful World”.


Though there are many pictures of my mom crying during this, I’m fairly certain that she was actually happy.

IMG_apl0810 IMG_apl0822

Then it was time to open the floodgates. In a genius move, Ashley had asked all of her bridesmaids and some other friends to immediately storm the dance floor after we were finished with the first two dances. I think we have all been to the weddings where after those dances, no one touches the dance floor for at least the next 2 hours, and you kind of start to feel bad for the band. Fortunately, everyone came through in fine style, and I don’t think the dance floor ever fully cleared out. In all likelihood, there are still people dancing on it.

IMG_apl0824 IMG_apl0831 IMG_apl0839

At that point, Ashley and I took a victory lap around the venue. We hugged, shook hands, took selfies and gave everyone who was interested in speaking to us about 30 seconds of our precious time. Then a buzzer would sound, and we would parade our way over to the next group.

IMG_apl0854 IMG_apl0879

IMG_apl0889 IMG_apl0913

During this time, I finally got to see the awesome groom’s cake Ashley had made for me (paid someone to make. “had made” sounds like she made it in the past. she didn’t make it). It was an absolutely awesome Delorian Time Machine from Back to the Future.

IMG_apl0735 IMG_apl0738

It totally tied together with the gift she had given me earlier in the day (The framed Back to the Future movie poster). And it looked phenomenal. They even had the dashboard dates displaying significant dates from our life together. I couldn’t get over it. She did an awesome job.

At around that point, we also cut the cake and toasted each other. Sure, this was a ceremonial tradition, but I think ultimately we just wanted to give people a sugar rush and encourage them to go dance.


The rest of the night went by very quickly, but it was a lot of fun. Some events that I vaguely remember: several photo booth sessions,

IMG_apl0970 IMG_apl0978

my Uncle Gerard serenading us, my Grandpa dancing with every pretty girl in the place,

IMG_apl1019 IMG_apl1044 IMG_apl1065


Ashley and I being picked up at the end of the night.

IMG_apl1177 IMG_apl1181 

Thanks everyone for the memories! It was a perfect night.