Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blog Break…

To all our adoring fans… I will be taking a break for about a week or so with the blog.  Spend the time you would normally take reading the blog to text a friend hello, doing a chore you have been putting off or watch a cat video on you tube.

Here are some photos of upcoming blogs! Get ready!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1765Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 458   Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1857 Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 588

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st- Birthdays!!


Today is Darelle & Janice’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Let me first talk about Darelle, as I have known her longer. Today Darelle is 30!!!!!  The big 3-0!  :)

I met Darelle my freshman year at LSU.  This is her in her dorm room.  We are going WAY back here…  Darelle has always been such a fun friend.

She has always listened and challenged me to be a better person by example. 


She made me this shirt and other things for my 30th birthday!  I love this shirt.  She was the first person to use my new initials when she got a bracelet made for me. :)

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Check out the different color shoes- loved it!

We have some great memories…

I know your 30s will be more exciting than your 20s!! Love you!

Another person celebrating a birthday today is JANICE!!!!!  She and my bro have been dating for over a year now, but somehow it seems like she has been in our family forever.

She is hilarious, and all of the “outsiders” (Andrew and Doug) have embraced her into their club.

She is a VERY talented artist.  Anything she tries looks great..even this “gag” painting of Alex looked great.


I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of fun and laughter! :)

Friday, August 29, 2014


The next holiday we celebrated was EASTER!

Mom went all out decorating our gifts from the Easter Bunny.  Janice did a great job decorating my Mom’s gift too…

HAHA!  We made Janice do it, she kept asking if we were sure about the drawing.  Everyone thought it was hilarious.  You just have to know us!  :)

I got a warming tray for when I entertain!

We also dyed Easter eggs, this is us drawing on them. 

It was fun!  We ate egg salad for weeks!  Thank you, Mom & Dad for all the gifts!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

French Quarter Clean up

One day I received an email from work asking if anyone would be interested in doing some clean up work in the French Quarter.  Once I saw we were free on our calendar, I asked Andrew if he would be interested in doing it with me.  He said yes, and I signed us up.  I knew where to check in and that was about it.

We were given these cool shirts, and directions of what we were going to be doing.

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 336

We were going to be breaking up into small groups and removing stickers from poles with this orange spray and tools.  They explained (about 10 times) to be VERY careful when using the spray as it would hurt your eyes if it got in them.  They made me afraid to spray it at all!  Once I got comfortable with the spray I did spray it in my eyes, and…… it wasn’t bad.  It stung for about 3 seconds, then I was fine.  I told my group (Andrew and a new friend we made), and they were pleased to know I didn’t need my eye removed.  This stuff was STRONG though, I think we may have messed up a car’s paint when the spray hit the car.. oops!

Check out this CLEAN pole!  I wish we had taken a before photo…

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 337

The majority of stickers we removed were the “Hello, My Name Is…. “ nametags.  At first I thought it was from a fieldtrip, but we soon realized this is the new way kids are graffiti-ing,  They write their name/sign on these nametags and stick them everywhere… 

A few tourist thought we were doing community service for something we did on Bourbon the night before.  We just went with it.  It made it more entertaining. 

After our hard work, we had lunch at Bourbon Vieux, a venue in the French Quarter.  The food was delicious, and it was an interesting way to spend a Saturday morning!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Visit with Duska & Scott

Duska and Scott were about to move to Austin!  They wanted to do one last visit to LSU (where we all graduated from) and have lunch with me before they left, so we combined the two.  We had lunch at one of Duska’s favorites (already forgot the name) and drove to LSU.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1661 We stopped to hydrate for our walk on campus.  The Union is SOOOO different than when we were in school.  I know I sound old when I say this, but seriously!  It looks great now.  All my fees paid for it I’m sure.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1662 This is the bench where Andrew and I met!  In the Quad, next to the library..

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1666 We had fun walking around and talking about our college days.

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1682 

We had to go see Mike while we were there.  He was having a nice day, pacing around in his palace. :) Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1685 D & S- I know yall are loving Austin now!  You will always have a place in Nola to stay.  Live it up! :)

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1674

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lizzie’s Cook off

Every year Lizzie and Doug organize a Cook off of a certain dish or dishes.  One year it was Red Beans and Rice, another year it was Mac and Cheese.  This year: Gumbo and Cookies!

I entered into the Cookie Cook off (Bake off?).  My cookies photographed better than they looked and tasted… I think I got 1 pity vote, and it wasn’t even from Andrew!  They are Cookie #3, second row on the right…  All I really remember is eating SO much delicious food. 

Lizzie combined the cook off with her birthday with friends, so there were lots of people visiting.  They had the Donkey Kong game up and running (see Andrew playing it!).

We were playing a game with all 20 people.  It was a blast!

Since it was Lent, and Lizzie gave up sweets, Doug made her a fruit cake.  My mom also made her a “33” cake!

It was so fun; can’t wait until next year!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lizzie’s Birthday!

We celebrated Lizzie’s birthday in March!  Lizzie LOVES ribbons- like 1st place ribbons.  When we were kids, she would get so pumped when she earned a ribbon.  So, I decided to make her a paper mache ribbon that said World’s Greatest Sister!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1612Andrew drew the design and cut it out for me.  I would still be working on that part without him.

There were many Lizzie birthday activities..

Mom gave her a card and cash money to go shoe shopping!

Ashley's iPhone pictures 6-19-2014 1652

She opened lots of presents!

 Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 194

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 183 All of the key players were there.  Andrew and Janice taking photos of each other… normal stuff!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 185

Lizzie making it rain with hand warmers!

Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 229

Then we went and visited Alex at work, and he added some candles to a cheese plate! Yum!

 Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 252Andrew iPhone pics July 27 2014 256 

We hope you had a fun birthday, Lizzie!!!!!  You are a wonderful person and friend to all.  May this year be your best one yet!!! :)