Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Wedding Reception

While we were taking photos, the wedding guests were eating and able to check out the decor in the room.

Here is the Groom’s Cake- the delorean from Back to the Future!!!  


It was awesome!! IMG_apl0735

Andrew was totally blown away by it.  Pure Cake was our bakery, and did an amazing job!!!IMG_apl0738

And here is our wedding cake.  It was 5 layers of deliciousness.  I also used the lace fabric around my bouquet.

IMG_apl0729 IMG_apl0730  We used this book as our sign in book.  This was the only LSU touch we put on the wedding.  We wanted something to represent where we met and spent many years.  Another cool thing, my Dad knows the authors, and is going to get the book autographed.


I love all these women, Duska, Abbey, Ms. Kim, and Mrs. Paula, but what I REALLY LOVE is Ms. Kim’s diva pose.  I laughed at this photo for awhile.  She is awesome!

IMG_apl0747 Mrs. Paula is DARELLE’s Mom, so she is pretty much my Mom too. :)

Here is Darelle, her husband TJ, Dana and Darin.  Dana, Darelle and I met in the dorms our freshmen year of college!

IMG_apl0748 Some of Andrew’s sweet family!

IMG_apl0745 More of Andrew’s sweet family!  Uncle Gordon, Aunt Julia and Claire!  I am so glad they came in from Texas to be there. :)

IMG_apl0755 What a group!  Steven, Brian (who came in from Cali) and Father Kyle.

IMG_apl0759 When we finished taking our photos, there was food set up for Andrew and I to eat.  Lizzie bustled my dress, took out my veil and I think I ate 6 grapes.  I was so nervous/excited to get out there!  I kept rushing Andrew to finish!

Then the band announced us inside, and I was excited- as you can see!


We jumped into our first dance.  Our first dance song was At Last, by Etta James.  We had actually seen her live at Jazz Fest a few years ago.  The song is fitting for our relationship.

 IMG_apl0771 IMG_apl0783


Then it was time for the Mother/Son & Father/Daughter dance.  We decided to dance to the same song, What a Wonderful World.


IMG_apl0811 Look how funny I am!

IMG_apl0800 After the “formal” dances, the dance floor was open for everyone!  We had asked all the wedding party to join us on the dance floor to dance the first few songs.  In all the weddings I have been too and coordinated there is about 20 minutes where no one dances after the formal dances.  I did not want to waste that time, and I knew if the dance floor was full others would join in.  And I was right! 


The dance floor was packed all night! :)

IMG_apl0831This is most of Andrew’s team from his internship with his last job.  They came in from all over, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.  They are all so great, and I know Andrew was so happy to have them there.  Jill (the one in the blue dress) created our wedding invitations!!! Thank you, again, Jill!!

IMG_apl0847 This is the Georgia crew!!!!  Shout out to Abram, he is wearing the purple tie.  He is such a loyal and faithful friend and blog reader.  When I was taking a break from blogging, he reminded me very often that I needed to get back on it.  It was him and my parents that motivated me to start it again.

IMG_apl0849 Get it, Stephanie!

IMG_apl0848 Meet Andrew’s grandparents (Mrs. Liz’s parents).  Grandpa Floyd danced with just about every woman at the reception.  It was amazing, and I know he was having a great time.  Gram-O (her name is Olive) was loving chatting and meeting new people. :)

IMG_apl0864 At one point, Alex stole the show.  I can’t wait to see the video! IMG_apl0880 I loved seeing Andrew’s parents dance and have fun.  Also, check out Grandpa Floyd dancing with another pretty lady!!!!

IMG_apl0919 We had asked everyone to send us a wedding photo in the invitation.  We printed them out and framed them. :) 

IMG_apl0926 IMG_apl0937 IMG_apl0944 IMG_apl0959

Special story about these toasting flutes..  I spent a month traveling Ireland with my parents after college, and we went to the Waterford Factory.  There was a gift store, and Mom and I picked out these toasting flutes to be used at my siblings’ weddings (if they wanted) and for all special occasions.  My parents used them for their 30th Wedding Anniversary, Lizzie and Doug used them for their toast, and now Andrew and I have used them at our reception. 

IMG_apl0954 Where are Doug’s shoes? Maybe they were getting in the way for dancing?!


This is Alex Harvie!  This is the gift from the wedding party I received at my shower!  There was always a crowd around him and the painting turned out fabulous! IMG_apl0975 We also had a photobooth (there will be a separate blog with these images!).  It was a blast!


IMG_apl0981 What did I tell you, dancing with all the pretty girls!!

IMG_apl1019 HA!  This photo makes me laugh.

IMG_apl1041 More photobooth fun.  This photo was recreating Lizzie’s bridesmaid shots in the photobooth!

IMG_apl1057 Justin rapped, and I remember standing by him and rapping along.  But I cannot remember what song!!! AH!


IMG_apl1138 HA! Alex and Sarah’s faces are hilarious for different reasons!


IMG_apl1166 My awesome parents!!!

IMG_apl1151At the end of the night we were picked up! Neither of us had a clue it was going to happen, and we still laugh about that.  I like looking at everyone’s reactions to it, they are as shocked about it as we were!

IMG_apl1180 This photo sums up the night, people are laughing and having the time of their lives.  I wish I could relive this night.

IMG_apl1187 What an amazing night!!!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Wedding Ceremony

Before the ceremony began, the bridesmaids and parents stayed in this room off to the side in the church.

IMG_apl0442 We said a final prayer and everyone got in line!


Then the ceremony began.  I obviously did not see what was happening, but here is what everyone else saw:





IMG_apl0462Once my Dad escorted my Mom to her seat, he came back for me.  As bridesmaids were walking out, we posed for this photo.


He didn’t look nervous at all, I wonder if he was!


Then the lovely bridesmaids came in!

Alana (and baby Francis)


Ellen, who is getting married in October!


Lexi, who you know everything about:


Duska, who just moved to Austin.


Julianna, who just bought her first home with her husband!


Kelsey, who is living in D.C. for her first official job!


Darelle, who is loving married life. :)


And last but not least, Lizzie.


Apparently Lizzie’s shoe made a noise that sounded like a fart.  I can’t wait for the video!!!!!


Who knows what we spoke about, this moment was the most nervous I was the whole day. 

IMG_apl0491 I remember the doors opening and moving, but I don’t remember walking.  Very strange.  I knew I just wanted to look at Andrew.  He and others said I was so focused on him, and I remember him smiling at me.


IMG_apl0498 IMG_apl0507 IMG_apl0508

IMG_apl0512 IMG_apl0514 

Everyone meet Father Kyle Sanders again.  He and Andrew are within weeks of being born on the same day.


We had a full Catholic mass.  It was/is very important to us to have God’s presence throughout every step of our marriage journey.


Sarah read the First Reading.  We choose it for a few reasons.. 1. The name Sarah was in it. 2. The word lust was in it. 3.  It was short, and Sarah felt comfortable with it.

IMG_apl0526 IMG_apl0529

Stephanie read the Second Reading.  I choose which reading she read and Andrew approved, and Steph went with it.  :)


Then it was time for the Gospel and Homily.  Father Kyle was able to attend the Rehearsal Dinner, so he saw Andrew’s epic toast to me.  He used that information and used movies quotes from The Godfather (another of Andrew’s favorites) and other classic movies that everyone know. 



It. was. awesome!  Everyone was laughing, and kept telling us how amazing his homily was.  I can’t wait to hear it again!

 IMG_apl0552 IMG_apl0553


Then it was time to exchange vows.  We both did great, no mess ups or crying!

IMG_apl0566 IMG_apl0573  IMG_apl0575

Then it was time to exchange rings.. Andrew went first.  Father Kyle said to grab my wedding band and repeat after him.  In the moment, Andrew grabbed HIS band.  Father Kyle was like, no, that is yours.  Grab hers.  We were cracking up.  :)

IMG_apl0589 IMG_apl0610

Another funny thing that happened was when we went to sign our marriage license. Lizzie started to sign her name..Here are the thoughts I had while it was happening.  Lizzie signing, Elizabeth B (oh, she is signing Brown) Betty (oh, okay- her middle name) Peyroux (okay, she is done) Brown (geez!! That is so long!! hahah)


Then we presented Mary with flowers and said the Hail Mary together.


Then we presented our mothers with a Pandora charm for their bracelets. It is of a heart. We learned that they opened them at the same time together.  Very sweet.

IMG_apl0644 IMG_apl0648

We asked Kelsey to be a Eucharistic Minster. :)


After Communion and the Final Blessing, it was time to pronounce us as a married couple!

IMG_apl0653 IMG_apl0656

The church is so beautiful!  It is my happy place when I am down.


After the ceremony, we took photos VERY quickly. Sarah was our photo list assistant and was dismissing people when they were done with photos.  It was great!




IMG_apl0680  IMG_apl0683 IMG_apl0686

Then we took some images alone as we were walking to the reception.  Some of these are my favorites from the whole day.

IMG_apl0700 IMG_apl0721

IMG_apl0713Next up, Reception Time!!